For Clinical Laboratories

Provide physicians with ancestry-specific absolute risk reporting for a range of chronic diseases

Allelica provides physicians and patients with ancestry-specific, PRS integrated clinical-grade risk reports for a range of common diseases

Our simplified pipeline is optimized for fast results


Upload raw microarray or lcWGS data through API or FTP integrations


Select all diseases and traits of interest


Within minutes, white-label PRS reports are generated and uploaded directly into a user portal

Generate customized PRS reports for a range of common diseases
The PREDICT module builds personalized PRS reports for a range of common diseases, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease. From a simple file upload of raw genotyped data, the module generates individual customized genetic risk reporting by leveraging Allelica's advanced analytics and the UK Biobank dataset. The technology accounts for a patient’s ancestry by utilizing the genetically diverse 1000 Genomes Project resource and ancestry specific risk distributions.
The highly customizable reports include:
Top-performing PRS for a user-defined range of diseases
10-year risk of disease
Risk at 75 years
Absolute risk, integrated with clinical risk factors and monogenic variants
Ancestry-specific analysis
personalized reporting
Streamlined Polygenic Risk Score analysis
Allelica’s secure and easy-to-use platform streamlines the complex process of PRS analysis and reporting through a fully automated infrastructure. The technology empowers genetics labs and research groups to compute published PRS and generate new scores using a suite of the most powerful algorithms and bioinformatics tools. The platform has been used to develop and publish top-ranking PRS for coronary artery disease, breast cancer and prostate cancer.
The Software as a Service (SaaS) can be deployed in the cloud or as an on-premises solution for comprehensive PRS analysis. Platform capabilities include
Individual ancestry-specific PRS calculation
Automated clinical-grade report generation
New Polygenic Risk Score development and validation tools